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Photo Gallery 2018

Opening Media Center at the College Gulf Standard Week for the Promotion of Oral and Dental Health Applicants for the PhD program Department of  Restorative Dental Science IRAM Exhibition
Saudi International Dental Conference Press conference of the International Dental Congress Honoring Dr. Ahmed El Zouman Signed the Agreement between the College and the Society of Insan
Dean Award for the ideal employee for the month of Jumaada-Al-Akhir Dean Award for the ideal employee for the Rabi' Al-Thani Graduation Ceremony of the 35 th batch of the Girls College Ceremony Honoring Academic Accreditation
campaign Together for a Nicer Smile Closing Student Activities Visit Indiana University College Visit the Rector of the College
Department of Prosthetic Dental Science


Department of Restorative Dental Science Workshop entitled Surgical Anatomy of Head and Neck  


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