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The Department of Prosthetic Dental Sciences (SDS) begun its existence with the founding of the College of Dentistry in 1975 (1395H).   Discipline based courses in Prosthodontics had been offered to the undergraduate students and had a long history of clinical and didactic activities designed to focus, support and promote the respective courses.  In collaboration with the Directorate of Postgraduate Dental Education, the department has also developed and maintained a single unified Master’s degree program in the specialty of Prosthodontics which was initiated in the early of year 1989 (1410H) as mandated by the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies of King Saud University.  
  Today, the SDS department continues with the responsibility of providing didactic, preclinical and clinical teaching in the undergraduate program as well as maintaining accredited postgraduate program in the specialty of Prosthodontics.  The dental curriculum, in general, is innovative and is designed to graduate a doctor of dental surgery who will be trained to practice general dentistry.  The teaching methods are tailored to course content and include traditional lectures, group tutorials, routine laboratories and advanced simulation, clinical practice in a comprehensive care facility and community-based clinical experiences. Clinical experience often includes the management of a variety of special patient groups which represent the disciplines of implantology, geriatrics, comprehensive dental rehabilitation, temporomandibular joint disorders, fixed and removable prosthodontics.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:18am