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I am most delighted to welcome you to the website of the College of Dentistry at King Saud University.

On this website, you will read about our distinctive administrators, numerous outstanding faculty members who were trained from the most respected international universities under six Specialty Departments, accommodating support staff and our successful students.  You will learn about our undergraduate core curriculum which is moving toward a student centered competency based learning. Our specialty post graduate and diploma programs are growing continually. It also features the amazing opportunities ranging from seminars to research experiences and community engagements.

I hereby acknowledge at this point, the generous support of King Saud University Administration and most of all to the Ministry of Higher Education. I would like to give my profound gratitude to the hard work of all the previous deans, vice-deans, administrators and faculty members. 

We look forward that join us, visit our website and experience our professional community as we create a future of tomorrow’s health sciences and dentistry together.                                                     

Prof. Mohammed Qasem alrifaiy    



Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:18am