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Duraayh's clinic


How Our Clinic Works School for Males in Darraiyah University Campus (DUC)

The Darraiyah University Campus (DUC) is the main school building of the College of Dentistry and its clinical floor is divided into the following sections:


Students Clinic

The Students Clinic is the teaching clinic for the undergraduates students. It has modern dental facilities dedicated to patient oral healthcare. Dental Students provide care under the supervision of experienced faculty members and perform both general dentistry and specialty care. Dental students here often work at a slower pace than in the Specialists’ Clinic. At each step, a faculty member will check on the progress of the student. For many patients, spending the extra time in receiving quality healthcare is worth the wait especially when it is free of charge.

Interns Clinic

Interns spend a one-year training program after graduation. Special clinics section in the clinical hall is reserved for them. They can provide primary and specialized dental care to the patients as part of their training.

Specialist Clinic

> Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery & Diagnostic Sciences (MDS) Clinic

These clinics provide curative services in the treatment of oral diseases and various types of face and jaw surgery, including major surgeries. Surgeries are also performed in King Khalid University and King Abdul-Aziz University Hospitals. The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons cover the hospitals emergencies 24 hours throughout the year.

> Prosthodontic (SDS) Clinic

All types of teeth replacement takes place in these clinics. Replacements include removable and fixed prostheses. These clinics also provide the graduate students with the required training in prosthodontics.

> Restorative Dentistry (RDS) Clinic

These clinics are equipped with digital radiology, in which specialists in conservative dental treatment and endodontics work. Graduate program students are trained in these clinics.

> Pedodontic Clinic

These clinics have an appropriate atmosphere to deal with children. Both Staff and graduate students work in these clinics. The clinics also provide special management for children with special needs. Some treatments are carried out under general anesthesia in King Abdulaziz University hospital. The clinics are equipped with all tools needed to perform sedation.

> Periodontic Clinic

These clinics provide periodontal treatment for patients with periodontal disease. Plastic gingival and corrective bone surgery is also performed by professionals. Postgraduate students training takes place in these clinics under the supervision of the College Staff.

> Orthodontic Clinic

These clinics provide orthodontic treatment for arrangement of badly aligned teeth. Some congenital malformations such as cleft lip and palate and surgical correction of skeletal deformities are carried out with the help of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery team.

> University Staff (USC) Clinic

Dental care for faculty members at the King Saud University is carried out in special clinics designed to fulfill the needs for the university staff and their families. These clinics have been equipped with all modern tools. Qualified dentists in all dental specialties of treatment work in these clinic.

> Saudi Board in Restorative Dentistry (SBARD) Clinic

These clinics are for the registered graduate students in the program of Comprehensive Restorative Dentistry. Graduate students provide treatments for patients with advanced treatment requirements.

> Isolation Clinic (Controlled Rooms)

These clinics are designed to treat patients with contagious diseases using advanced techniques to prevent disease transmission.

> Hygienist Clinic

This is a special section in the clinics where oral hygiene is carried out by hygienists. 

> Implant Clinic

Special clinic allocated for the implant surgery where the missing teeth are replaced by artificial ones. Different specialties participate in the implant surgeries namely, the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Prosthodontists and Periodontists.

Support Services

Central Supplies and Sterilization Department (CSSD)

In these centers, sterilization and disinfection of all instruments, handpieces and other equipments used in the treatment of patients is carried out. Three centers are available in the clinical hall operated by qualified professionals.

Radiology Division

There are special clinics belonging to the Division of Radiology for performing diagnostic imaging. Special diagnostic procedures such as CT Scan images and the sialography are being performed and a number of specialists in the field of radiology in addition to a number of technicians work in this division.

Registration, Appointments and Records Department (RARD)

This department is responsible for receiving and registering patients and keeping patients files and records. The department also organizes patient's appointments for students and staff who are working in clinics. Employees at this department also follow up patients referrals to other specialties, and regulate transfer patients from outside the college.


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