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Malaz's clinic

Overview of the Dental Clinics in Malaz University Campus (MUC)

The College of Dentistry of King Saud University has important commitments of providing both dental education and public services. Dental education is provided for students of both Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) and Dental Assisting Diploma (DADP).

The University Campus Clinics for female students in Malaz also extend assistance in training affiliating students of the Dental Hygiene Program from the College of Applied Medical Sciences, Dental Assistant students from the Ministry of Health and Dental Assistants Students from the Dental Assisting Diploma Program of the College of Dentistry.



Female School Dental Clinics in Malaz University Campus comprises of:


> Interns/Demo/GP Clinic

These are used for newly graduate dentists who can continuously update their knowledge in the dental profession, enhance Clinical skills and expertise to achieve competence and provide excellent service to the patients. The area is located in the ground floor where 20 cubicles are equipped with modern dental units and instruments.  A Dental Hygienist occupies some of these clinics.


> Students Clinic

These are used for undergraduate students where they can practice an organized  activity based on sound scientific principles under close guidance and supervision of competent teaching staff headed by the course director and assisted by contributors. The Students Clinics are located in the first and second floors. There are 95 clinics equipped with modern dental units, machines and instruments needed for the students to provide high quality services to patients.



Clinicians working in the specialist clinic are faculty of College of Dentistry who provide treatment of complicated referred cases in various specialties. There are 10 cubicles located in the second floor.  Various equipments, instruments and dental materials are provided according to specialization.



It mainly prepares pedodontic patients prior to their admission to King Abdulaziz University Hospital (KAUH). Patients are accepted with referrals for surgical and pedodontic complete rehabilitation treatments. The oral and maxillofacial surgeon also works at the operating room.



This clinic is utilized for dental treatment of patients with contagious diseases in order to prevent disease transmission.


1.      The Dental Auxiliary Service Department (DASD)

     The Clinic is staffed with Dental Assistants and headed by the Chief DASD with assistance of the Assistant Chief DASD and Clinic Supervisors.  This department provides the clinic with needed manpower and other services. The Divisions under DASD are:  

>       > Central Sterilization and Supply Division (CSSD) -This division plays a major role in the control of infection and disease transmission through  proper  sterilization and disinfection of dental instruments, handpieces and equipments that are used in the clinics. The CSSD occupies two areas in female students campus, one in each of first and second floor clinical halls (CSSD I & II). The CSSD I & II are equipped with autoclaves, washing machines, ultrasonic machines, sealing machines and other necessary equipment and supplies related to the area. 

>        > The Radiology Division(X-ray 1&2)– This division renders high quality intra-oral and extra-oral radiographic procedures. It provides educational and practical training to students in the field of Radiology.  The Radiology Division occupies two areas; one in each of first and second floor clinical halls. There are Examination Rooms equipped with X-Ray Machines, and one special room at each floor for orthopantomograph and cephalometric radiography. One processing room with automatic developing machines and illuminators exist at each clinical hall.  An interpretation room is located on the second floor beside Radiology Division II.

>        The Clinic Supply Center (CSC 1 & 2) -  This center is responsible for the preparation of dental supplies and materials needed in the clinics.  The CSC occupies two areas, one at each of first and second clinical hall.


>        Dental Hygiene Clinic– The Dental Hygienist provides scaling and polishing for patients with oral hygiene instructions and extends assistance to affiliating dental hygiene students.  


>   Photography – It records and documents clinical cases for lectures and research studies.


>        Main Store –It supplies the clinics and laboratories with needed equipments, machines, instruments and dental materials for effective and efficient service.


2. The Registration. Appointment and Records Department (RARD)

This department works hand in hand with the Dental Auxiliary Services Department (DASD) in creating a work flow based on harmonious relationship and maximum job efficiency. Its many functions include:

  • Registration and Receiving of Patients needing dental treatment.      
  • Distribution of dental cases in accordance to screening outcomes, official referrals, eligibility and requirements.
  • Safekeeping of patients’ files and records.
  • Booking of patients for dental treatment.       
  • Preparation of Dental treatment Reports and Statistics.
  • Research Assistance.
  • Proper coordination with the RARD (DUC) regarding transfer of  patient’s files and records for treatment purposes and mainly for uniformity of policies


Trunk line     478-4524
RARD Chief     ext 383

Assistant Chief     ext 380
Appointment Secretaries     ext 398 ext 308
Patient Assigning Officer     ext 344