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Name Position

 Prof. Mohammed Quaid Al-Qahtani

Prof.Maan Alshaafi Professor (Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research)
Prof. NADIA TAHER Professor
Prof. Ahmed El Hejazi Professor
Prof.Wedad Awliya Professor
DR. NESRIEN Z. AL ATEYAH Associate Professor
DR. HEND AL NAHEDH Associate Professor (Program Director – Operative Postgraduate Program)
Dr. Salah E. Al Shethri Associate Professor
Dr. Mohammed Bin-Shuwaish Associate Professor
Dr. Fahad Al Khudhairy Associate Professor / Director of Clinics
Dr. Ali Awad Al Rahlah Associate Professor / CDRC Director 
DR. YOUSRA AL-JAZAIRY Assistant Professor
Dr.Salman Al Suffayan Assistant Professor
Dr. Abdullah Al-Jamhan Assistant Professor / Head - Operative Division
Dr. Khold Al Ahdal Assistant Professor
Dr. Hanan Al Sumbol Assistant Professor
Dr. Raneem Al Oufi Assistant Professor
Dr. Abdullah Al Ayad Assistant Professor
Dr. Mashael Bin Hassan Assistant Professor
Dr. Thamer Al Mohareb Assistant Professor
Dr. Mohammad Al Refeai Assistant Professor / Asst. Director of Clinics 
Dr. Yasser F. Al Fawaz Assistant Professor / Head, Student Guidance Unit 
Dr. Hanouf Al Habdan Assistant Professor / GUC Clinical Co- Director
Dr. Loulwa Al Saud Assistant Professor
Dr. Sara Al Angari Assistant Professor
Dr. Laila Al Deeb Assistant Professor
Dr. Rana AlHamdan  Assistant Professor
Dr. Khulood Al Mansour Lecturer
Dr. Haifa Barakah Lecturer
Dr. Sara Al Shabib Lecturer
Dr. Noura Al Shono Lecturer
Dr. Amina El Mourad Lecturer / Asst.Vice Dean for Female Student Affairs
Dr. Mayyadah Al Mozainy Lecturer
Dr. Amal Awdah Lecturer
Dr. Arwa Al-Mosa Lecturer
Dr. Ahoud Alshmrani Lecturer
Dr. Noura Saud Al Sibae Lecturer
Dr. Basil Al Mutiri Assistant Professor
Dr. Fahad Al Qahtani Demonstrator
Dr.Rawan Al Rasheed Demonstrator
Dr. Ahmed M. Maawadah Demonstrator
Dr. Hamad Aljomiah Demonstrator
Dr. Abdulrahman Al Shabib Demonstrator
Dr.Abdullah AlHussein Demonstrator
Dr. Saad  Saud Al Otaibi Demonstrator
Dr. Talal Thamer Al Rasheed Demonstrator


Division of Endodontic Dentistry

Name Position
Prof. Solaiman Al-Hadlaq Professor
Prof. Hanan Balto Professor
Prof. Dina Al Sudani Professor
Prof. Ahmed Al Kahtani Professor 
DR. TARIK AL-JABREEN Associate Professor
Dr. Mohammad Al Obaida Associate Professor
Dr. Ebtissam Al-Madi Associate Professor
Dr. Fahad Al Salleeh Associate Professor /Director Postgraduate  Endodontic Program
Dr. Sara Al Subait Associate Professor / Director of  Clinics–GUC 
Dr. Abdullah Al Qedairi Associate Professor
Dr.Hussam A. ALFawaz  Chairman/Associate Professor
Dr. Riyadh Al Thumairy Assistant Professor
Dr. Ziyad Al Lahem Assistant Professor
Dr. Fahd Al Jarbou Assistant Professor
Dr. Reem Al Sulaimani Assistant Professor
Dr. Abdullah Al Riyahi Assistant Professor
Dr.Mazen Al Kahtany Assistant Professor
Dr.Maha Al Ghofaily Assistant Professor
Dr. Amal Al Mohaimede Lecturer
Dr.Somayah Basoudan Lecturer
Dr. Khlold Almanee Lecturer
Dr. Sara Al Kathany Lecturer
Dr. Sundus Bukhary Lecturer
Dr. Khaled Al Madi Demonstrator
Dr. Khlald Almanee Demonstrator
Dr. Muath Al Shayban Demonstrator
Dr. Ibrahim Alaugaily Demonstrator
Dr. Anas Bahamman Demonstrator


Division of Dental Biomaterials

Name Position
Dr. Ihab Mousa Associate Professor
Dr. Mohammed Al Katheeri Lecturer
Dr. Eman Al Shehri Demonstrator
Dr. Deema Flemban Demonstrator
Dr. Mohammed Al Dhafyan Demonstrator
Dr. Bashayer Baras Demonstrator
Dr. Raghad Basmaeil Demonstrator
Dr. Mohammed Al Turki Demonstrator
Dr. Abdulaziz Al Ayed Demonstrator
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