Policies and Procedures

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Part A: Administration

Article I. Dental Program Policies and Procedures

Article II. Organizational Chart

Article III. Dental Program Summary

Article IV. Documentation


Section B: Human Resources


Article I.                    Definitions


Article II.                 Employment 

Section 2.01    Appointment and Promotionof faculty

Section 2.02    Employment contract of Non- Saudis

Section 2.03    Part-time employment

Section 2.04    Cancellation

Section 2.05    Renewal

Section 2.06    Termination


Article III.               Duties

Section 3.01    Discipline


Article IV.               Regular working hours

Section 4.01    Absenteeism

Section 4.02    Tardiness


Article V.                 Salaries, allowances and compensations

Section 5.01    Faculty members, lecturers, language teachers and assistants 

Section 5.02    Doctors

Section 5.03    Engineers

Section 5.04    Researchers and their assistants and technicians 

Section 5.05    Administrators and clerical

Section 5.06    Assistant technicians and craftsmen 

Section 5.07    Workers in specialized areas

Section 5.08    Part time workers


Article VI.               Vacations/ Leaves

Section 6.01    Specific policies governing the college of dentistry

Section 6.02    Regular vacation time and extensions

(a)      Combining vacation time to use at a later date
(b)     Compensation of work during official holidays
(c)      Compensation for vacations at the end of service

Section 6.03    National Holidays:

(a)      Eid al-fitr and Eid Al-Adha
(b)     The National Day of the Kingdom

Section 6.04    Emergency Leave

Section 6.05    Sick leave and conditions that apply

Section 6.06    Companion leave:

(a)      For accompanying a patient.
(b)     For accompaniment during study or work abroad.

Section 6.07    Study leave and conditions that apply

(a)      Exam Attendance Leave

Section 6.08    Unpaid leave

Section 6.09    Sabbatical Leave

Section 6.10    Maternity or child care leave and conditions that apply

Section 6.11    Death of husband leave

Section 6.12    Procedures for applying for vacation/leave

Section 6.13    Extended duties or services

(a)      Scientific consulting
(b)     Delegation, secondment
(c)      Attending conferences and symposiums and seminars



Part C: Clinical Services


Article VII.    Definitions

Section 7.01       Students Clinic

Section 7.02         Interns Clinic

Section 7.03       Specialist Clinic

Section 7.04         Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery & Diagnostic Sciences (MDS) Clinic

Section 7.05         Prosthodontic (SDS) Clinic

Section 7.06         Restorative Dentistry (RDS) Clinic

Section 7.07         Pedodontic Clinic

Section 7.08         Periodontic Clinic

Section 7.09         Orthodontic Clinic

Section 7.10         University Staff Clinic (USC)

Section 7.11         Isolation Clinic (Controlled Rooms)

Section 7.12         Hygienist Clinic

Section 7.13         Implant Operating Room Clinic

Section 7.14         Registration, Appointments and Records Division (RARD)

Section 7.15         Central Supplies and Sterilization Division (CSSD)

Section 7.16         Dental Radiology Division

Section 7.17         Dental Auxillary Services Department (DASD)


Article VIII.General Clinical Operations    

Section 8.01         General Clinical Guidelines- Food and Drink in clinics

Section 8.02         General Clinical Guidelines- Supervision of children

Section 8.03         General Treatment Guidelines- Best interest of patient

Section 8.04         General Treatment Guidelines- Preparatory Communication

Section 8.05         General Treatment Guidelines- Case Presentation

Section 8.06         General Treatment Guidelines- Maximizing oral health care

Section 8.07         General Treatment Guidelines- Prevention & maintenance in treatment plan.

Section 8.08         General Treatment Guidelines- Informed consent

Section 8.09         General Treatment Guidelines- Faculty approval

Section 8.10         General Treatment Guidelines- Treatment supervision

Section 8.11         General Treatment Guidelines- Conservative Treatment

Section 8.12         General Treatment Guidelines- Patient Medication

Section 8.13         General Treatment Guidelines- Record of treatment

Section 8.14         General Treatment Guidelines- Completion of care maintenance

Section 8.15         Professional attitude towards patients- Greeting Patient

Section 8.16         Professional attitude towards patients- Courtesy to patient.

Section 8.17         Professional attitude towards patient- Respect of patients.

Section 8.18         Professional attitude towards patient- Respect of culture.

Section 8.19         Professional attitude towards patient- Instructing Patients

Section 8.20         Professional attitude towards patient- Self control.

Section 8.21         Professional attitude towards patient- Achieving college goals.

Section 8.22         Patient Information Policy- Patient Information Packet

Section 8.23         Patient Information Policy- Informed consent of adults

Section 8.24         Patient Information Policy- Informed consent of minors

Section 8.25         Patient Information Policy-Provision of information for decision making

Section 8.26         Patient Information Policy- Patient Privacy & Confidentiality

Section 8.27         Clinical Ethics- Adherence to ethical standards

Section 8.28         Clinical Ethics- Non-discrimination of patients.

Section 8.29         Clinical Ethics- Upholding standards of the dental profession.

Section 8.30         Dentists Rights- Refusal to treat patient

Section 8.31         Dentists Rights- Referral of patient

Section 8.32         Dentists Rights- Consultation

Section 8.33         Patients Rights- Humanitarian Rights

Section 8.34         Patient Rights- Consultation or second opinion

Section 8.35         Patient Rights- Patient Responsibility

Section 8.36         Clinical Research- Ethical Approval

Section 8.37         Clinical Research- Patient consent

Section 8.38         Clinical Research- Procedure documentation.

Section 8.39         Clinical Research- Notification of Clinics.

Section 8.40         Clinical Research- Notification of Administration.

Section 8.41         Clinical Research- Documents required.

Section 8.42         Clinical Research- Record & Document control

Section 8.43         Patient Records- Physical Protection

Section 8.44         Patient Records- Confidentiality.

Section 8.45         Working Hours- Normal working hours

Section 8.46         Working Hours- Summer working hours

Section 8.47         Working Hours- Ramadan working hours

Section 8.48         Dress Code- Clinical Attire

Section 8.49         Dress Code- For Instruments Processing


Article IX.       Patient Registration and appointments    

Section 9.01         Patient Booking- General Guidelines

Section 9.02         Patient Booking- Eligibility

Section 9.03         Patient Booking- Patient agreement

Section 9.04         Patient Booking-Types of Files

Section 9.05         Patient Booking-Patient screening

Section 9.06         Patient Booking- Documents Required

Section 9.07         Patient Booking- Opening a patient file

Section 9.08         Patient Booking- Designating cases to clinics

Section 9.09         Patient Booking-Registering an appointment for primary care clinics

Section 9.10         Patient Booking-Appointments in Primary Clinics

Section 9.11         Patient Booking-Registering an appointment for student clinics

Section 9.12         Patient Booking-Registering an appointment for specialist and faculty clinics

Section 9.13         Patient Booking-Patient Transfer

Section 9.14         Patient Booking-Late Patient

Section 9.15         Patient Booking-Failure to Come

Section 9.16         Patient Booking-Special Booking for Students and Faculty Members

Section 9.17         Patient Booking-Medical Reports


Article X.          Dental Radiology

Section 10.01     Radiographic Safety- Safety standards and protocols

Section 10.02     Radiographic Safety- Safety of Patients exposed to radiographs

Section 10.03     Radiographic Safety- Pregnant Patients

Section 10.04     Radiographic Safety- Safety of Radiography technicians

Section 10.05     Radiographic Safety- Pregnant Radiograph technicians

Section 10.06     Radiographic Safety- Equipment Periodic Checkups

Section 10.07     Radiographic Safety- Darkroom Periodic Checkups

Section 10.08     Radiographic Procedure- Making Radiographs

Section 10.09     Radiographic Procedure- Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT)

Section 10.10     Radiographic Procedure- Sialography


Article XI.       Infection Control

Section 11.01     Infection Control-General Policies

Section 11.02     Infection Control- Knowledge of IC Policies

Section 11.03     Infection Control- Responsibility of Clinicians

Section 11.04     Infection Control- Responsibility of Dental Assistance

Section 11.05     Infection Control- Monitoring on IC Adherence

Section 11.06     Infection Control- Non-compliance

Section 11.07     Infection Control-Labeling of Hazardous Chemicals

Section 11.08     Infection Control-Vaccination Policy for Workers in the Clinic

Section 11.09     Infection Control- IC when making Radiographs

Section 11.10     Infection Control-Vaccination Policy for Workers in the Clinic

Section 11.11     Infection Control when Making Dental Radiographs


Article XII.    Emergencies in the dental clinic

Section 12.01     Emergencies-Premedication

Section 12.02     Emergencies-Needle Stick and Sharp Object Injury

Section 12.03     Emergencies-Basic Life Support Training

Section 12.04     Emergencies-Medical Emergency

Section 12.05     Emergencies-Risk Assessment of a Medical Emergency

Section 12.06     Emergencies-Medically compromised or handicapped patients

Section 12.07     Emergencies-Drugs Needed to Manage Medical Emergencies

Section 12.08     Emergencies-Equipment Needed to Deal with a Medical Emergency

Section 12.09     Emergencies-Management of Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice


Article XIII.Instrument Requests and sterilization

Section 13.01     Instrument & Material Requests and Returns

Section 13.02     Receipt, Decontamination and Disinfection of Reusable Items

Section 13.03     Instrument Cleaning

Section 13.04     Instrument Processing

Section 13.05     Assembly, Wrapping and Instrument Sterilization

Section 13.06     Autoclave Loading and Unloading of Instruments

Section 13.07     Sterile Pack Storage

Section 13.08     Monitoring Steam Autoclaves

Section 13.09     Cleaning Procedures for Sterilizers (Autoclaves)

Section 13.10     Sterilizer Failure Recall

Section 13.11     Recall of Sterilized Instruments

Section 13.12     Disposal of Medical Waste in Dental Clinics and Offices


Part D: Laboratory, Safety and Maintenance


Article XIV.                        Definitions

Section 14.01     Production Labs

Section 14.02     Student Labs

Section 14.03     Preparatory section

Section 14.04     Fixed restoration section

Section 14.05     Removable restoration section

Section 14.06     Chrome cobalt section

Section 14.07     Orthodontic section


Article XV.      Dental Laboratory Policy

Section 15.01     Working Hours of Production Labs

Section 15.02     Reception of cases

Section 15.03     General Policies of lab

Section 15.04     Policies of Preparatory section

Section 15.05     Alginate Impressions

Section 15.06     Shade Taking

Section 15.07     Die Trimming

Section 15.08     Glazing

Section 15.09     Noble Metal Alloy

Section 15.10     Work done for Standard cases

Section 15.11     Work done for Specific systems

Section 15.12     Work done for Implant cases

Section 15.13     Work done by Removable restoration section

Section 15.14     Work done by Chrome cobalt section

Section 15.15     Work done by Orthodontic section


Article XVI.                      Students' laboratory

Section 16.01     Working hours of Student Laboratories

Section 16.02     Issuance of Student materials 

Section 16.03     Preparation of Course Materials

Section 16.04     Cleanliness and Maintenance


Article XVII.                  Histopathology Laboratory Policy (CDRC)

Section 17.01     Receiving of biopsy case

Section 17.02     Requesting chemicals and reagents

Section 17.03     Machines and equipments maintenance


Article XVIII.               Electron Microscope Laboratory Policy

Section 18.01     Reception of cases

Section 18.02     Photographing specimens

Section 18.03     Work done by the Electron Microscope section

Section 18.04     Mounting of Specimens

Section 18.05     Fees for the Scanning Electron Microscope

Section 18.06     Purchases for the Scanning Electron Microscope Section


Article XIX.                      Physical Laboratory Research Centre Policy

Section 19.01     Reception of cases

Section 19.02     Responsibilities of Researchers

Section 19.03     Responsibilities of Research Assistants

Section 19.04     Fees of Physical Lab


Article XX.  Microbiology Laboratory Research Centre

Section 20.01     Microbiology Laboratory Policy


Article XXI.                      Animal Facility Laboratory Policy

Section 21.01     Animal Facility Laboratory Policy


Article XXII.                   Maintenance and Technical Services Policy

Section 22.01     Duties of Maintenance Department

Section 22.02     Scheduling of Jobs

Section 22.03     Work performed by the biomedical Technician

Section 22.04     Spare parts

Section 22.05     Non biomedical Maintenance

Section 22.06     Preventive Maintenance

Section 22.07     Documentation


Article XXIII.               Photography Department Policy

Section 23.01     Scheduling of appointments

Section 23.02     Requests

Section 23.03     Issuance of Identification Cards

Section 23.04     Storage of Photographs




Part E: Student Guidelines


Article XXIV.      Admissions Policies and conditions

Section 24.01                        Conditions and requirements

Section 24.02                        E- Admissions


Article XXV.        Registration Policies

Section 25.01                        Issuance of Student ID cards


Article XXVI.      Leaves, absences and vacations

Section 26.01                        Warnings

Section 26.02                        Absenteeism

Section 26.03                        Expulsion

Section 26.04                        Leave of absence

Section 26.05                        Postponement

Section 26.06                        Suspension


Article   Warnings and disciplinary actions


Article XXVII.   Stipends and allowances

Section 27.01                        Monthly Stipends

Section 27.02                        Honors rewards

Section 27.03                        Disability allowance


Article XXVIII.     Exams and grading


Article XXIX.      Learning Resources


Article XXX.         Extracurricular activities

Section 30.01                        Extracurricular Activities and Student Care Programs

Section 30.02                        Vocational Training, Skills and hobby Development


Article XXXI.      Students rights and protection

Section 31.01                        Academic rights and obligations

Section 31.02                        Rights and Obligations in patient care

Section 31.03                        Non-academic rights and obligations


Article XXXII.    Transfer and withdrawal


Article XXXIII.Graduation

Section 33.01                        First/Second Honor Ranking

Section 33.02                        GPA

Section 33.03                        Letters of Reference



Part F. Quality Assurance


Article XXXIV.Continuous Quality Improvement (Clinical)


Article XXXV.    Risk Management/Program Monitoring